Products and Services

Supplements and Medicines

The Pa Lan Rai nutrition range of products offers complete nutritional solutions for people with specific illnesses, disease states or ageing-related nutritional needs. Our nutrition solutions are designed with the benefit of strong scientific research, in-depth understanding of consumers and healthcare providers with clinically proven benefits to those with special nutritional needs.


Reliable and extensive rapid tests, Pa Lan Rai Diagnostic products has exhibited strong leadership in rapid detection of a wide range of pathogens. Pa Lan Rai testing products are stand out performers for accuracy, sensitivity and convenience. The broad product offerings and high quality are well known and trusted across Asia.

Personal Care

Pa Lan Rai personal care Line of products supplies consumers with health and beauty products designed to promote health, vitality, beauty, and overall good living. We have a diverse product range that delivers innovative solutions for current and future trends, all supported by proven efficacy testing. We deliver the highest quality hair care, skin care, oral care and all kinds of personal and cosmetic products to satisfy all types of health and beauty needs.

Animal Welfare

We guarantee that the quality and taste of Pa Lan Rai pet food products and primary care for pets is the finest available. We collaborate with reputable companies who start with wholesome ingredients in creating products that meet or exceed government standards, and manage the processing every step of the way to ensure the products quality.